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2013-09-30 09:38 | Report Abuse

So why should you be interested in Inovio as a current/potential shareholder?



2013-09-03 11:27 | Report Abuse

The following is an excerpt from the Transcript which can be found @ http://stks.co/jjQk

Nokia's Chief Technology Office Organization and patent portfolio will remain within the Nokia Group. With this world class teams and assets we can drive further value by building on our leading edge innovation and advanced research and development capabilities as well as well as expanding our patent licensing activities. Subject to approval by Nokia shareholders, regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions, the transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of 2014 at which point approximately 32,000 people are expected to transfer to Microsoft .

As part of the transaction Nokia will grant Microsoft a 10 year non-exclusive license to its patents at the time of the closing.

And Microsoft will grant Nokia reciprocal rights to utilize Microsoft 's patent in its HERE services. Nokia will as well grant Microsoft an option to extend this mutual patent agreement to perpetuity.


2013-08-29 11:08 | Report Abuse

Elon Musk, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Product Architect:

And I will say that the goal of Tesla is really to accelerate the advents of sustainable transport. So there are plenty of car companies in the world, there's not really a need for a new car company or another gasoline car company or anything like that. But there is a need for a company that's pushing for sustainable transport, something that as we extrapolate into the future, we can see a sort of positive bright future and I actually didn't think that will be necessary to do something like Tesla because at one point when there was the EV1 and the original electric RAV4 that things were kind of headed in the right direction and I thought for sure -- like the EV2 and EV3 and everything will be fine, and then of course that's not what happened.

And in the beginning, people said well, you're not going to be able to make a car that looks good and goes fast and has a long range and we did and then they said well, nobody is going to buy it. So, then thank you for buying by the way. In fact, I am really deeply appreciative of everyone that bought a Tesla, because without people like you, Tesla won't be around, and it needs people that are forward-thinking that are willing to take a chance on new product and new company and that's critical to making it work.

Continue reading @ http://www.earningsimpact.com/Transcript/83311/TSLA/Tesla-Motors,-Inc----Teslive-2013/Page/1#sthash.A5B5Bvci.jZGMTd7l.dpuf


2013-08-23 12:32 | Report Abuse

Ruth Cotter

Corporate Vice President, Investor Relations
Thank you, Elina and welcome everybody this afternoon to our conference call. I am pleased today to be joined by my colleagues Tim and Heather. Here is the next slides you see very briefly an overview of our cautionary statement to cover our remarks today, but what I would really like to talk about is the outline where we will have a brief overview from our CEO Rory Read, and then I'll do a deeper dive into AMDs strategy, product, and financial performance today. And then Tim will give a deeper dive into the crux of the call, which is really an overview of our corporate responsibility, programs, and activity here at AMD, which are very important to us.

Corporate responsibility really matters to AMD. It's really at the core of our culture and we perceive it to part of the inherent DNA of the organization. Rory Read, our CEO and President along with the Board of Directors and the Executive Management team are deeply invested and committed to AMD's efforts. Be it in the area of community volunteering and products and customers, supplier responsibility, governance and Ethics, and stakeholder engagement. It's very important to AMD and we believe it's an imperative as well as being a key business differentiator for our company. Before we get into the details of the strategy that we have here at AMD as it pertains to corporate responsibility I'd like to just give a quick preview into the company and then Tim can dovetail his remarks into that.

AMD is currently in the midst of a three step transformational program in place. The first and portion of that strategy to reset and restructure is largely completed. Our goal is to reach operating expenses of 450 million down from about 590 million in the first quarter of 2012, so we have made some significant progress over the last many quarters. We reduced headcount by about 14% and we are very focused on managing cash , which I get into further in the call as well as inventory management.

At the moment we are currently in phase II which is accelerate and execute to the plan. So its critical that we execute to our 2013. roadmap and deliver on the products that we have brought to market including Temash in the tablet space Kabini and Richland. And later this year we will be shipping a high and desktop product called Kaveri and also deliver our commitments in terms of our semi-custom product portfolio embedded and launched latest generation of graphics capability which we did earlier this year on the GPU side and then obviously our low par server offering as well through see SeaMicro acquisition we did and that is also important.

Read more at: http://www.earningsimpact.com/Transcript/83202/AMD/Advanced-Micro-Devices,-Inc----Business-Update-Call/Page/2#sthash.jtPGK6fF.dpuf


2013-08-22 11:44 | Report Abuse

Real-time Streaming of Text for Q2 2013 @ http://stks.co/dfpP

Excerpt LIVE:

The second quarter exceeded expectations with earnings per share beating the high end of our guidance by $0.02. We also produced another strong quarter of margin expansion of 130 basis points.

GameStop has now grown margin rate for ninth consecutive quarters reflecting ongoing strength of the new businesses we are building.

Comparable sales came in better than our guidance, but still was challenged. challenging as we close out the current console cycle.

Although the second quarter is the lowest volume quarter of the year. We set aggressive execution goals for our teams around world. And I am pleased to say that team delivered.

The hard work of controlling costs and managing expenses is just as important as the exciting work of driving sales , especially at the end of a console cycle. Rob Lloyd will share details of our performance in his remarks .

We continued to gain market share this quarter and our digital and mobile businesses continued to perform well. We are positioned well for the upcoming console launches and expect to be the dominant player during this cycle. The unique value of the buy sell trade model has been reaffirmed by our partners and will bring over $1 billion per year of trade currency to consumers for their new console purchases. .


2013-08-19 15:17 | Report Abuse

Frank Calderoni

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer:

Thanks Mel. It's great to be here and it's also very good to see all of you, great turnout. And welcome to the 24th Cisco Live customer event. And this should be a great experience as i'm sure you've started to appreciate today and over the next day.

So I love data. So I'm going to start by just you heard some of these stats this morning. So we have 20,000 people here at the event over these couple of days and that's double from where it was just five years ago. And I think that's very telling.

If you think about the number doubling in five years, really just shows the amount of activity that we have going on first of all and I think it also demonstrates the number of customers and partners that we have that are interested in being part of the community and also from the perspective of how much is going on as you heard this morning in John and Pad in the keynote. Secondly we have 1,100 one-on-one sessions over the next, today and tomorrow, that's a big number. We have a 100,000 individual sessions that people have signed up for, there are 700 technical as well as business sessions and we've got 100,000 people signing up to that.

So it is about five, so a lot of interest in some of this data and also from the perspective of the number of new attendees, 40% are here as you heard this morning for the first time and again I think that's an attribute to the interest level that we have. And so it is great as Mel said before this is the first time that we have really had a more formalized investor day some of you may have attended in the past more informally so we thought we'd kind of make it a little bit more formal and have programs setup. The key thing that we wanted to do today, brief introduction and really kind of spend some time talking about services and I'll comeback to that. And then we have some breakout sessions tomorrow which we'd ask you to really get involve in understanding our technology, any questions that you may have regarding the technology, this is a chance to ask.

We have 700 engineers here at this event so you couldn't get a better group of people to try to answer your questions and also to get a bet appreciation for the strategy.

See more at: http://www.earningsimpact.com/Transcript/83084/CSCO/Cisco-Systems,-Inc----Investor-Day/Page/3#sthash.HFgIeGjQ.dpuf


2013-08-19 15:00 | Report Abuse

Eric E. Schmidt
Executive Chairman

Now at the time, it's hard to imagine this now, but most people thought that search was a done deal when Google started working on the the problem nearly two decades ago Larry and Sergey started it at Standford and it's interesting that we forget that it was a same with Gmail right but email there was nothing new about email. I have never seen that. Who has got a new email it's always email solutions right, launching an email service was not an obvious choice for a search company, especially when we are offering 200 times more storage than the competition.

Today we have over 425 million Gmail users globally and the other services are in decline.

It shows you that you can enter a market with a big debt when everybody assumes there is nothing interesting going on, and you can do something that just works better and you can change the world. That's the way that Google likes to think about problems. Give another example, when Google brought Android, most people though Andrew Rubin was nuts, literally nuts. They believe that any attempt to align the mobile industry around open source operating system would fail.

I mean I remember sitting and thinking, these guys will never let this thing in. And I will answer you look at me going like Oh!yeah, yeah, yeah. We'll see and this assumption was that open source would never work.

See more at: http://www.earningsimpact.com/Transcript/83079/GOOG/Google-Inc----Annual-Meeting-of-Stockholders/Page/9#sthash.Au1pFgCO.dpuf

News & Blogs

2013-08-19 13:09 | Report Abuse

Heavily optimized Safari for retina displays making it superfast, super smooth. More from the WWDC 2013 keynote http://stks.co/jhls


2013-08-19 12:51 | Report Abuse

Jim Gentilcore
Chief Executive Officer:

Thanks Ross and good morning and thank you very much for making this conference call on such short notice. By now, you all have seen the announcement from both ourselves and Atlas Copco relating to the signing of a binding agreement for the acquisition of Edwards which will become the vacuum solutions division within Atlas' Compressor Technique business area.

This new division will be headquartered in Crawley in the UK and include their existing rotary vane pump business. On this call I am going to run through the deal terms the rationale and time table before opening up for Q&A.

So starting with the headline. Consideration will be in the form of an initial cash payment of $9.25 per share at closing and an additional cash payment of up to $1.25 per share once our 2013 year-end number are finalized. This additional payment is based on the business achieving revenue for the full 2013 calendar year about 587.5 million pounds sterling. With an adjusted EBITDA band of £113 million to £145 million.

At the top of the additional payment range, this would value the business at $1.6 billion. Including the assumption of $400 million of net debt. When looking on a historic 30 day basis our average closing share price was $8.33 per share the premium range is approximately 11% to 26% and this also represents an approximate premium of 16% to 31% to the IPO price from May of 2012. As noted in the press release Edwards shareholders representing approximately 84% of the current shares outstanding have entered in the voting agreements with that was Copco to vote in favor of the merger and the board has - recommended the offer to all shareholders.

Edwards will ask the shareholders to vote on the transaction at a special shareholders meeting to be set for early October. Completion will be subject to a number of regulatory and any trust filings the given the fact that the there was overlap between the two business businesses it would be surprising if there were any material issues. We therefore would expect to be through this process in early 2014 and expect to close within the first quarter of 2014.

See more at: http://www.earningsimpact.com/Transcript/83120/EVAC/Edwards-Group-Limited---Edwards-Group-Enters-into-Definitive-Agreement-to-be-Acquired-by-Atlas-Copco-Group/Page/2#sthash.EmCYtaXZ.dpuf


2013-08-19 12:26 | Report Abuse

Bobby Burleson

Canaccord Genuity
So probably just higher level because there are some people that maybe haven't been following as closely the developments with NVIDIA over the past couple of years. Can you just kind of refresh Us at a high level in terms of where the company is and how you would describe the company to someone to it.

Chris Evenden

Senior Director, Investor Relations
Sure so we think of ourselves as a visual computing company, which means that we have technology, hardware and software to improve the visual experience for customers in a variety of technologies. So we come from originally from the PC space. So we build graphics PCs used by gamers and then we expanded that market into big defensible, profitable segment in the PC space. And now to expand into mobile computing as well.

See more at: http://www.earningsimpact.com/Transcript/82983/NVDA/NVIDIA-Corporation---Canaccord-Genuityandapos%3bs-33rd-Annual-Growth-Conference#sthash.eWaDiLVV.dpuf


2013-08-16 12:52 | Report Abuse

Tim Cook

Chief Executive Officer
Thank you. I am really glad you like that. Those words mean a great deal to us and you will see that reflected throughout the show today.

Welcome to the Worldwide Developers Conference. You are going to have an incredible week.

This is our 24th WWDC; it's the longest running development conference that we are aware of. It's truly worldwide, we have attendees this morning for over 60 countries and two-thirds of the people in the audience today are here for the first time. No hazing from the upper classmen.

We have got a great week planned for you with over 100 sessions and over 120 hands on labs, so you can bring in your code, get some help tuning it or get just about any question answered. We also have over 1,000 engineers here this week, so grab them, make use of them, they're here to help, but don't ask them about future roadmaps.

The developer program is incredibly vibrant. We have over 6 million registered developers with 1.5 million of those added in the last year alone. Demand for this show has never been greater. We sold out in just over a minute. I am really sorry, we couldn't accommodate everyone; it's the biggest venue that we can get, but we are posting sessions online every day, so that developers can follow us remotely.

Continue reading @ http://www.earningsimpact.com/Transcript/82995/AAPL/Apple-Inc----Apple---WWDC-2013#sthash.7P8TqyL8.dpbs


2013-08-07 18:41 | Report Abuse

Free Real-time Streaming of TEXT for $TSLA Q2 2013 @ http://stks.co/fgPu