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Posted by ckleow > 2012-10-04 20:40 | Report Abuse


Posted by Stephen Lee > 2012-10-07 13:49 | Report Abuse

Are you a malaysian,singaporean or from other countries.
You are trading sotcks or options?
Please be specific with you questions?


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Posted by afjaved > 2012-11-29 10:16 | Report Abuse

I am new in stock trading pls guide me.

Posted by moneymaker09 > 2012-11-29 21:24 | Report Abuse

Hi guyz need someone to guide me in stock market....

Posted by jlfong1988 > 2012-11-30 12:22 | Report Abuse

I think you needa provide us with more details like:

1. What kind of trader/investor do you seek to become? (long term or short term & how long is long/short? days, weeks, mths)
2. What sort of guidance do you need?
3. What is your risk apetite

I am assuming you are focusing on the US market?

Posted by Chen Harry > 2012-12-19 00:54 | Report Abuse

Hi guys,

I am beginner to stock market from malaysia. I would like to open a account to trade on option. It there any suggestion for me to open an online share trading in US market ? what sort of criteria to consider?

Posted by magnumbob > 2013-07-16 10:08 | Report Abuse

@ kmchen just start your basic account with about a 1000 or more and begin. if you are a weekly trader then try for 2 % dont trade more then 1 time aweek. also if you have 25000 or more to play with then you can trade more often but it costs alot more. and the return is not as good for as hard as you work. common stocks are the beginner road. get clever and pretty soon you look at dividend etf and penny otc markets.

Posted by magnumbob > 2013-07-16 10:12 | Report Abuse

all the banks are competitive so its all roughly the same choice. i went with sharebuilder capitol one online orange banking systems

Posted by magnumbob > 2013-07-16 10:13 | Report Abuse

i think its citibank not capitol 1


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Posted by merlin > 2013-08-29 20:59 | Report Abuse

hi.. i'm Malaysian..and interested to trade in Nasdaq market..but trade US market in Malaysia is just like pain in the a**..most broker in Malaysia charge expensive..USD40 per contract!! Is it safe to open with those broker that listed here? how about shares due payments? anybody can advice? thanks in advance =)


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Posted by Player > 2013-08-30 05:27 | Report Abuse

Hi Merlin, CIMB investment bank charges are only 25USD/trade for online trading, plus a few USD for stamp charges, etc. I have been with them for many years now. I have also a trust acct with them, it
resolves the hassle of sending cheques and collecting of cheques. It goes without saying that when your trade is higher than what you have in yr trust acct, you have to top it up. Which state of Malaysia are your in? You can enquire from CIMB for further details should you have any. Best wishes....

Posted by ryan7642 > 2013-09-03 11:50 | Report Abuse

So far Maybank investment also the same usd25 + stamp duty too..

Posted by helmyb34 > 2013-10-18 16:51 | Report Abuse

Maybank investmen


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Posted by Leesk > 2013-11-13 22:12 | Report Abuse

how about HLE broking ? fees?

Posted by Kevin Tan > 2014-05-21 23:19 | Report Abuse

anyone here experiencing with TradeKing or OptionHouse?

Posted by Kevin Tan > 2014-05-21 23:22 | Report Abuse

Im a new player that intend to invest in US Stock, im a mid to long term player, not a frequent buyer. Can anyone recommend a good US brokerage with reasonable fees?

Posted by sunsun2012 > 2014-05-22 01:45 | Report Abuse

KM Chen, please message me. I do hv a attractive package, lyechin2012@yahoo.com

Posted by sunsun2012 > 2014-05-22 01:48 | Report Abuse

CIMB no bad, email me lyechin2012@yahoo.com

Posted by Kevin Tan > 2014-05-22 01:53 | Report Abuse

local brokerage is at USD25 per trade...too expensive. looking for direct US brokerage


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Posted by KHWo > 2014-05-22 20:41 | Report Abuse

if use iTrade CIMB to buy stock from HK exchange, how the commission brokerage will be? What would be the minimum brokerage charges? SOmebody please help. Thanks.


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Posted by 2hunt > 2014-08-21 01:16 | Report Abuse

kevinTan did you open your account with Trade King or Optionhouse. What is it like? I use Ameritrade. its charting features r good but still learning how to use and make profit from us sock

Posted by marketbull > 2014-08-29 05:39 | Report Abuse

What about funding and withdrawal from Trade king? Is it easy and reliable??


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Posted by muftia > 2014-09-27 15:16 | Report Abuse

I need a broker. Send me information. muftia@gmail.com

Posted by zahrilsaying > 2014-12-02 12:54 | Report Abuse


Posted by mudinvest > 2015-10-30 06:01 | Report Abuse

are there any cheap online trading for malaysian to trade in US?

Posted by invest_101 > 2015-10-30 23:44 | Report Abuse

Check out Interactive Brokers. One of the cheapest and can trade in many markets and products worldwide. Cheers

Posted by max_cool29 > 2015-12-29 10:08 | Report Abuse

Any US online options trading broker that suitable for Malaysian?

Posted by Dopamine Krebs > 2015-12-30 10:13 | Report Abuse

Any US online options trading broker that suitable for Malaysian? +1

Posted by ikan bilis > 2016-01-04 07:29 | Report Abuse

Thinkorswim ( under TDAMERITRADE) min USD 2500, Interactive broker ( MIN US 10K ) cheaper brokerage.

to trade US mkt u need to have knowledge of Tech analysis n some fundamental knowledge. u need to hard work in doing reading n dig stocks ,. if u trade option can be very good tool for leveraging, ( but u need to put in effort to learn at least 6-9 month learning stage. n money to go attend some course in town. or read urself some books, ( michael sincere - book on option is good. OR go library borrow some related books OR go investopedia -go tutorial OR youtube for video learning.

Posted by max_cool29 > 2016-01-10 20:10 | Report Abuse

@ikan bilis, thanks for your info. The informations you provide is very useful

Posted by celyn2012 > 2016-01-14 03:53 | Report Abuse

seriously i think is better to trade index.. exposure to individual company is way too much risky

Posted by ikan bilis > 2016-01-29 05:45 | Report Abuse

i do not agree of trading ind company risky, risk as what u talking of? indexes is more risky . basically it depends on how far your appetite of risk is. and what sort of strategies u apply. if trade indices u can trade via selling option as premium OR day trade on scalping ( i am doing this everyday. Risk -yes . but if u have discipline control of TP vs Cut loss strictly than there is no problem,
as for individual stocks , to me it is much more easier , more straight forward + based on Technical analysis ( Support n resistant, using MA, + oscillators ) + check thoroughly on its fundamental . then u actually minimise a lot of stress. Overall to play indexes unless u are focus attentively n discipline n strong in TA application , otherwise pls stay away. the volatility can sweep u out easily.

Posted by Janus Mun > 2016-05-12 06:59 | Report Abuse

wait til those sharks shorts you....i kena so many times.....niamh hai....anyway....i wanna ask,any way to skip the high per contract cost?currently we are paying USD25 per buy n then usd25 per sell contract plus GST 6% in USD!havent add in brokerage fee.....any sifu here can help about this?cheaper buy/sell contarct fee?i know standard charted singapore charging 0....but hassle going thr physically to open a trading account....please help

Posted by ikan bilis > 2016-06-25 01:46 | Report Abuse

janus, open Thinkorswim Or Interactive broker yourself . then download its platform, trade ur own with only few dollars . per trade. u trade via local broker they just act as nominees /middlemen , of cos u get cut throat price . refer my earlier post answering to someone on this.

Posted by Janus Mun > 2016-06-28 08:06 | Report Abuse

thanks ikanbili!i was thinking IB,how secure n safe is IB?can be trusted with me money?i am abit afraid i cant remit back my hard earn cash if i want to stop gambling....is there any problem u been thru getting back ur trading money?

Posted by Lee Zhl Rui > 2016-07-18 13:23 | Report Abuse

hi, i would like to ask did Thinkorswim provide the trade for CFD?

Posted by trader1121 > 2016-07-24 02:30 | Report Abuse

Thinkorswim dun have cfd but the product itself. If u wish to trade cfd try find some forex brokers instead, most of them provide cfd.

Posted by Lee Zhl Rui > 2016-08-09 11:25 | Report Abuse

hi may i ask in US market if we trade we will be charge per unit or in percentage

Posted by Kfchootrade > 2017-01-03 21:18 | Report Abuse

buy min stock per unit. commission charge per trade. buy and sell the same stock considered 2 trades. get decent good US brokerage. commission is very competitive.

Posted by Kfchootrade > 2017-01-03 21:20 | Report Abuse

interactive broker and thinkorswim (not known as TDAmeritrade) both regulated by Commission of Security and backed by government up to 250K per account if brokerage goes bankrupt.

Posted by Kfchootrade > 2017-01-03 21:22 | Report Abuse

avoid CFD if possible for newbie. is an leverage instrument. if you really need to trade using CFD, get Direct Market Access (DMA).

Posted by Kfchootrade > 2017-01-03 21:23 | Report Abuse

thinkorswim normal rate for stock is 9.99. if you account funding is huge, can neg. for better commission pricing.


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Posted by ohnoom > 2017-02-27 02:00 | Report Abuse

Tried to search for active discussion group for Options but seems it is quite lacking behind in MY compare to Forex. Are there serious options traders in MY? Thinking to start a study/discussion group as I myself and a few friends are quite active in it.

Posted by rotibaba > 2017-03-14 13:48 | Report Abuse

anyone have ideas about which broker are offer good service ?

Posted by ikan bilis > 2017-03-15 20:07 | Report Abuse

so far TDAmeritrade & Interactive broker is fairly ok .

Posted by ikan bilis > 2017-03-15 20:09 |

Post removed.Why?


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Posted by mas888 > 2017-03-24 07:18 | Report Abuse

im very interested to about trading, i want to learn more about that

Posted by ikan bilis > 2017-04-05 09:19 | Report Abuse

u can email my above email add


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Posted by soum500 > 2017-06-28 16:43 |

Post removed.Why?


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Posted by Lalis > 2019-06-25 15:41 | Report Abuse

I do not understand why this popular live thread with all that things were really removed anyway. I do like to see broker comparison anyway for everything you only imagine. How does that all sounds to you really ? Why block other opinions anyway ?

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