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Hello, I will introduce myself. My name is and and I'm interested in making money with the stock market. I have a pretty messed up portfolio, but I'm making a little money. My main goal is to have long term stocks but I also want to have fun and try and make a few hundred a day. I'm interested in learning and sharing ideas.

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Hello, I'm in the US market. Active in other market.


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How much are you making now if you don't mind ? Making something like few hudreds a day is a very cool goal but how much is now done for example ? I do not know what it is really. Do see me better anyway. I hope to really make it wonder there.


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Sorry but you still haven't introduced yourself and I am not not that sure what is goin on really with all that. For sure you can make a lot of money if you really need so so let's do something with that. How much do you plan to pay out ?

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